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A Baby on the Way? Make Your Home Baby Ready Before the Bundle of Joy Arrives!

Ok, so you are ready for a visit to the labour room at any time, and getting yourself busy with a little one? Or is your wife already nursing that small one and is going to be discharged from the maternity room any day now, and bring the delicate darling home? In both of the cases, we know you are all panicky and nervous! But worry not! Getting a home ready for a newborn baby isn’t much of a task!

The list of errands may be long, but it can all be tackled easily if you give proper time and attention to everything. Even if you are low with time, you can still manage to freshen up the space entirely as a felicitation to the new one. But, we recommend to always start the preps of cleaning, sanitising and making the home ready ahead of time. This relieves the last minute hassle and headache, and you even get ample of time to double check everything perfectly. 

 List of Errands that have to be Carried Out to Make the Home Baby Ready!

Getting the home baby ready exactly means getting rid of everything that may harm the little one. This even includes keeping everything on the convenient space for the postnatal period — that means, your baby wouldn’t have to wait for anything longer and can be tended to easily. Let’s read about that comprehensive list below:

  • Repairing the Loop Holes and Dangerous Corners: There may be a certain door of the wardrobe that may have been coming out, or a sharp edge of your sofa that can cut anybody’s hand, or the loose sockets that can be a reason of shock. These all need to be repaired before the baby arrives. You may be wondering why as the baby has just been born! But babies grow really rapidly leaving behind the clock and calendars! They are going to keep your hands full at the time of arrival till toddling, and you won’t be able to repair anything in the house with the baby in. Thus, better get ready before the bundle of joy turns into a bundle of mischief and pulls those cords and doors.
  • Painting or Interior Decorating: If there’s anything you wish to add in your home, it should be done before the baby arrives. Be it an extra room as the nursery, or creating wooden cots, or painting an interior decor related to baby theme. The smell and chemicals used in paints can be really harmful to the baby. Also, the dust from the carpentry work or cement work in the house can cause severe allergy to the baby. Therefore, it’s better to finish off your interior alterations or additions before the birth of the little one.
  • Deep Cleaning: Deep Cleaning the place is the primary thing to do before the baby arrives. Make sure you contact good professional cleaning services like Flash Cleaning offering commercial & Domestic Cleaning in Auckland. They will provide a deep germ free cleaning of your carpets, throw the hidden dust away from your home, can totally clean the kitchen, and steam clean the upholstery too. They offer a comprehensive cleaning solution that can cover all the corners of your home and leave your home germ free and safe for your little one.
  • Carbon Monoxide and Radon Tested — Testing for radon and carbon monoxide or any other harmful chemicals in your home is extremely vital before the baby arrives. These gases are a result of daily cooking or cleaning of home or some reparation that was done in the house. This can be extremely dangerous, as it can cause extreme health hazards to the delicate baby. Ensure to get it tested by a reliable source and take necessary actions against it.
  • Make Some Extra Space: A baby may be tiny, but the things that she needs on a daily basis can create a mountain of clutter in the home. There are going to be nappies, bibs, baby wipes, medicines, dusting powders, blankets, covers, bottles, sterilisers — and the list is never ending. Make sure you have at least one spacious cupboard made especially for the baby. Also, make some place in your kitchen to place the sterilisers and feeding bottles.

What more? You can even decorate your home beautifully for the grand day when the little one will enter your home for the first time. Just make sure your home is welcoming and safe for a child to stay healthy.

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