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Baby Shower Clip Art To Use On Invitations

Baby shower ideas clip art can be used in a variety of ways to create a wonderful shower atmosphere – long before the party starts! You can use clip art to design your own shower invitations, thank you notes and more. You can even print out some of them on large size paper to use at the shower to create or enhance a theme. Designing invitations, announcements, etc using baby shower clip art is actually fairly easy. You can create unique, attractive cards with just a few clicks of your mouse. Let’s take a look at some ideas on doing this.

Baby Shower Clip Art

It is best to work with a baby shower themes in mind. Having a theme will prevent you from falling into a common trap – that of using contrasting, unrelated baby shower clip art all over your invites or announcements. Of course, you can use more than one clip art on an invite, but be sure they match a theme or are related in some way. Avoid overdoing the use of clip art (or photos / graphics of any kind). You don’t want your invitation card to come across as messy and cluttered. Remember, the main thing in any invite is the message, the wordings. The art is only secondary and is meant to enhance the message. The clip art should not take over the card!

Be careful with your choice of colors and fonts. Use a consistent font throughout the card. Decide on a pleasing, easy to read font style and size and stick to it. The colors on the card should complement each other and not clash. Also, ensure that you don’t use a font color that is close to the color of the card background – for instance, using a light font color on a light background can result in a hard-to-read, washed out look. Even when you are sure you have got everything just right, do a trial print of the card and have it checked carefully (preferably by more than one person) before you give the order for a large print run. This can save you endless frustration. Here are some ways you can use baby shower clip art.

Shower Invitations

You can order baby shower invitations either at your local print shop or online. If you wish to design your own unique invitations, look through the clip art available online – there is a huge selection and some of it is totally free. Once you choose the clip art pieces to be used, just place it into the software you use to design your shower invitation. Local office supply stores carry card stock. You have the option of printing your own shower invitations on your computer. This works best if you have only a small number of invites to print. If the number of people you are inviting is larger, it is easier to take your design to a print shop to have them print it.


A new arrival is always an exciting time and you want to share that excitement with friends and family. The best way to do it is to send out announcements. There’s plenty of baby shower clip art available online that’s just perfect for announcement cards. Pick several you like and save them to a folder on your computer. Then look over them and keep eliminating individual pieces till you are left with a clip art that you love and want to use to create your own unique baby announcement. Again, if you want to print just a few announcements, you can use your own computer and printer. An alternative is to print out just one announcement in color and use color copying services at your local print shop to mass produce the number of announcements you want.

Thank you notes

As with invites, you can use baby shower clip art to create unique thank you notes. Browse through the clip art available online, pick one you like and use it to create a thank you note format. You can then just take the format to a print shop on a flash drive or CD. Some print shops may have specific format requirements, so do check before you go there with your format.

Where to Find Baby Shower Clip Art

As mentioned earlier, there is a huge selection of clip art and images available online. Not all of it is of equal quality, though. Many free designs are just not up to par. Here is one of the best options we have found online…ClipArt. They have a huge selection of clip art on practically any topic or theme under the sun – and of course, they have a wide selection of baby shower clip art as well. Here is their link again…ClipArt. Check them out — you will be pleasantly surprised.

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