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Design the Sweetest Kid’s Bedroom for Your Munchkins!

Sweetest Kid’s Bedroom

If you have a good knowledge of home decor and interior designing, you would certainly understand that decorating a kid’s room is far from being a child’s play. It is, in fact, different and difficult task in comparison to other rooms. There’s so much to consider – for example: the age of the child (naturally a nursery would be done differently than a preschooler’s room, which again would be different from a pre-teen’s space), the interests of the child, the activities that the parents want in that room etc. — and you have to do a lot of thinking and visualising. Everything has to be carefully chosen and picked wisely, and even placed appropriately.  The room that you design for your kids has a huge impact on their psychological and physical growth and development. 

Kids can be really capricious and keep changing their choices and moods occasionally. Obviously, this is totally ok! And natural too as a part of their growing up process. But if you spend a large sum in some expensive layout in the beginning and get it furnished it extravagantly, and very soon if your little one demands or needs changes, you’ll certainly feel the blow! That is why it is essential to be really thoughtful – design the room so that it can also adapt and grow with the growth of your child.

Creative ideas to design the most charming bedroom for your child!

We know kids can be demanding and would want their choice of colours and decor items in their bedroom. Today your child might want a huge cartoon blow up to keep her/him company, while in a couple of months she/he may outgrow it and find it boring – and may ask for a poster of her/his favourite superstar! So, the crux if to keep the basic functional and timeless, and add character with easily changeable elements. Also, not all your child’s whims may be a wise choice. What you can do here is, take their preference and use your creativity and knowledge to create a masterpiece for your little one to live happily for years. The trick is to do the same tactfully so that your child feels included. The sense of belonging you can invoke, the happier your child would be in that space, and as such would not mind helping you in taking care of it either.

  •  Allot ample area to have all their necessities in the room — Basically, a kid’s bedroom will have a bed, a wardrobe, a study table, some extra shelves and cupboard and perhaps even an attached washroom. Is the area you are allotting for their bedroom sufficient for these all? If not, try to accommodate the same by extending the area for the kid’s bedroom.
  •  Magnificently done walls and ceilings — The paint of the room is a primary factor to enhance its beauty. Ensure you are asking your kid their favourite colour, but tone it down a bit in case it is too bold and bright. You can contact great interior painters in Auckland like FQS interior and paintings to create perfectly finished and exotic wall finishes in your child’s room. Also, never follow the stereotype of colouring the girl’s room with pink and the boy’s with blue. Instead, experiment with different shades in the room – lemony yellow, sage green, eggshell grey, chocolate-milkshake-brown – all these can look equally enticing. The crux is to make the room feel airy, spacious and bright for that happy and positive vibe.
  •  Safe and smart furniture —The market today lures with a lot of baby and child products of all kinds – furniture, furnishings, gadgets and more. There are bunker beds with spiral or straight ladder, twin beds, beds that swing too, beds having study table attached to it, etc. Choose from these creative and exciting variants for your child, and let them enjoy multitasking efficiently. Try to pick pieces that you can later convert and alter as per needs of your growing child. Ensure there are no rough edges or sharp ends to hurt them.
  •  Charming furnishings — Does you kid love gazing at barbie all day? Or are they crazy for avengers? Pick their favourite theme, your favourite and durable (and washable too!) choice of material, and a suitable yet pleasant colour and design to create those furnishings for their bedroom. There are also a number of cartoon themed bed sheets and rugs available in the market, you can choose the best one from them and beautify your child’s bedroom in a jolly way. And wait, you can even customise the same with their and your family pictures on them and let them feel more at home. The best part? Soft furnishings are easiest to swap when you or your child feels like changing the décor.
  •  Storage should be maximum — No matter how many cupboards you fit in your child’s room, there would always be toys peeping out of their trunk and clothes waving you from the cupboards, not to mention their books, school supplies, sports gear and crafts. Therefore, never settle for lesser storage space for a kid’s bedroom. 

Apart from these, pay close attention to the choice of the flooring for their room (something easily cleanable is the way to go!), add some cheerful wall stickers, and keep a place for their trophies and certificates to flaunt, have their photos framed beautifully on the wall! And last but not the least, put a doormat with “welcome” written on it at the entrance to let your child learn some basic hosting skills! For a more customised feel, a knocker with your child’s initials, or a framed picture of your child converted to a doorknob would look absolutely bespoke and also imbibe a sense of possession and belonging. 

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