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DIY vs. Professional: Which should you choose for kitchen remodelling?

So, you want to remodel your kitchen. You are confused about whether you should go the DIY route or hire a professional. Both have specific advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, time limit, finish, resources, and ability. While the internet helps you tackle just about any DIY task, there is a limit and that is where professionals come in. As such, when considering hiring (or not to hire) kitchen installer Auckland homeowners consider the particular task involved. Here is a list to help you:

Painting the Walls

Painting the walls of your kitchen is one of the easiest of tasks when remodeling. Therefore, the DIY approach is the most suitable option here. Explore your creative side by combining textured wallpapers and paint.

Installing the Hardware

Most manufacturers make installing hardware and appliances easy with detailed instructions. Therefore, skip calling the professionals and install them yourself without shelling out any money.

Updating or Changing Cabinets

If you simply wish to update your existing cabinet through paint or wallpapers, go ahead with the DIY route. However, if you intend to change or get new cabinets, we suggest getting professional help for accuracy.

The LayOut of the Kitchen

You should not do this one remodeling task by yourself. Changing the layout of the kitchen means a lot of electrical and plumbing work, which is best left out to the professionals.


If you have basic knowledge and the issue in your kitchen is small enough, you can maybe try doing it yourself. However, for the most part, we recommend calling in the professionals to avoid flooding your new kitchen.


When it comes to flooring, the choice between DIY and professionals depend on which flooring material you choose. For instance, laminate flooring is something a DIY-er can do, but hardwood floors are a professional’s domain.


Installing countertops, like flooring, call for specialized equipment. If you are getting quality, long-lasting material, it is best to call the professionals to get it right.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring requires a lot of skill and expertise. Doing it yourself is quite a health risk. Therefore, it is best to call in the electrician for this task.


Adding a backsplash in your kitchen, by yourself, is a whole lot of fun. For the most part, this task is perfect for DIY-ers. However, if you are going for solid materials like ceramic tiles or marble, professionals can do it better.


As mentioned before, choosing between DIY and professional help depends on the specific change in your kitchen. While you can paint and update certain things by yourself, you will still need a professional for many other tasks. Therefore, make a smart choice.

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