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The Smart Toddler: Games And Activities for Resilience Development

You may have come across a situation where you find your friend’s kid is more active than your little one, although both of them are of the same age. Child development differs on how you treat your child. It’s not only limited to providing a healthy diet or physical exercise but observing each and every activity of the kid. Usually, all the day-care centres adopt the methods listed in the basic toddler development chart, but you may find some kids are healthier, stronger, more physically developed and mentally sound than others. So, what is the reason for this gap? The fact is that the first teaching of a child starts at home. Nearly all the cells of the baby’s brain are pre-wired at birth, some create new pathways making hundreds and thousands of neural connections in the first 3 years. So, the toddler development stage does not start from 3 to 4 years, but it is developed from the initial months of his/ her birth. Language development, intellectual development, social and emotional development of a child starts from his birth. Being a parent, it is our responsibility to observe our child and engage them in activities that made them better individuals.

Toddler Development Activities Activities, Games, Toys are some of the best companions of kids for their physical and mental development. However, most of the day-care centres are now focusing on toddler resilience development. The reason is because of the changing society, work-culture and challenges kids will face in a rapidly changing world. Building resilience in children helps them to cope with disappointment without frustration and preventing them from mental illnesses like depression or anxiety.

Here Are Some Points to Develop Resilience in Your Kid

Everyday Activities Don’t Let Them Dominate

It may sound weird how a small kid can dominate over you but remember their crying will surely melt your heart, and you will be compelled to offer them anything they desired. This develops a habit among the kid that if I cry, I will definitely get the toy, and that is what domination means. Never give your children the toy, car or doll they desire on the first request. Develop the habit that they can stand over NO. This will build your kids character who never gets frustrated and do things to achieve it. Give Them Independence: We often see parents stopping them from each activity they do. In this way, your child will never learn to explore new things and always seek permission, even in the smallest task. So, if your toddler is climbing on the sliding ride at the playground, let them be. First, it will help in physical development; second, they will learn that things can be achieved after many attempts (mental development). There are many other playtime activities that help in toddler development.

Games and Toys Quiz and Toys

A fantastic way to develop resilience in children in a fun way is through toys and games. Toddler development games like building blocks, mosaic creation are best. As making structures through blocks are difficult, your kid won’t be able to build it in the first attempt. Thus, after many tries, when he/she successfully create a structure, the kid learns that hard work always pays. Quizzes with points elimination are another way to develop your kid’s mind effectively. Quiz helps them to process their mind faster and more efficiently. With resilience, another factor attached is respect for others. Kindness is an essential part of toddler resilience development stage. Games like musical chairs, forming a chain circle, playing in teams are some other activities one could consider. Playing with pets, educating kids about fast food and healthy food, teaching them sharing food are some other activities that make your toddler a smart kid. So, with education, observation is also the main factor in your kid’s development.

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