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How to keep your Home Safe with Newcastle Locksmith

Have you ever wondered how to improve the security of your home lock?

Locksmiths Australia is a reliable locksmith that Tarragona residents have been using for years. We are also a registered locksmith that residents can trust and we can offer a range of quality in Newcastle locksmith services to help you improve the security of your home lock. However, it is also up to you to ensure the safety of your home and that is why we created a list of 10 tips that can help you do so.

Change your locks

Every time you move into a new house, we recommend that you change the locks. This is a very good precaution since you never know who may have the keys to your property. This rule also applies in case of loss or theft of keys. The security of your locks should be a priority. If any of these situations occur, you should change your locks and take this opportunity to upgrade them with Newcastle Locksmith to make more secure locks.

Get interior door hinges

A few entryways have pivots that are set outside the property. An interloper can undoubtedly get to your home by expelling the pivot pin from these entryways. That is the reason we suggest expelling the entryway and putting the pivots inside the property so you can have true serenity that nobody can enter by evacuating your entryway.

Install automatic lighting

Another good tip is to install an infrared detector at the entrance of your property so that the lighting comes on automatically when someone is in the area. This can keep thieves away as they don’t know what to expose to light.

Protect your windows

Intruders will often attempt to enter your property through windows. So, a good tip is to make sure that all.

Install deadbolt locks

Security deadbolt locks are essential to provide quality security in the home. They are stronger and much more rigid than standard locks, ensuring additional security. When installing the deadbolt locks, be sure to leave as little space as possible between the door and the frame to eliminate the possibility of an intruder dismantling the door.

Buy an alarm system

Installing an alarm system is one of the best decisions one can make regarding home security and protection. The system will immediately notify authorities and owners in the event of a potential danger. Alarm systems often prevent intruders from entering by force and, in the event of an activation, they will most likely leave. With regarding the qualities of Newcastle locksmith your home will be more safe and secure.

Hide the alarm system wiring

If you install an alarm system, make sure all wiring outside the property is well hidden. Thieves and potential intruders often look for these cables to disable the alarm system.

Do not leave spare keys

It is very common for people to leave a spare key in the mailbox or somewhere hidden outside the property. If you really need to hide a spare key, wrap it up and hide it in a safe place that only you and your family know about.

Keep property occupied

The best way to keep your property safe is to keep it occupied. Of course, this is not always possible and that is why we recommend that you give the impression that your property is occupied, especially while on vacation. Many burglars scan neighborhoods for houses that appear to be unoccupied for a long period. You can protect your property by installing automatic timers to turn lights on and off while you’re away.

Using metal bars

Metal bars can be very effective on sliding glass doors, sliding windows, and patio doors. We recommend placing a metal bar on the bottom rail of the window or door to prevent an intruder from forcing them to open.


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