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Ideas to design a smart guest room in a compact space!

Raise your hand if you are a proud owner of a small home. Normally nowadays many people can’t afford an extra bedroom in their homes, thanks to skyrocketing real estate price tags. Also, many people downsize due to ease of maintenance. That means you will have to struggle for some space and privacy when there are guests at home. So, why don’t you think of adding a special room for your guests in your house? Well, as far as space is considered, there are unlimited ideas to accommodate one extra but small room in the place with just a little bit of creativity.

Tips to create a compact but attractive guest room in the least space in your home!

Ok, so we were talking about getting the best place for your guest room. Well, there are significant designers who have created one under the staircase or in the basement and the loft of the house. You can consider any these small places of the house as your guest room and decorate these compact spaces as per these suggestions:

  • Paint it in a welcoming shade — The best way to make any small space look stunning and much more spacious is by giving it a pleasant paint makeover. Well, if you want your small guest room to look welcoming and simple enough for your visitors, then call the best house painters in Auckland from Ayda Painting and Decorating. Their smooth and perfect hand-on paint is certainly going to bring a vibrant change here. But remember, you don’t have to choose a color too bright that affects your eyes in such a small space or go for a darker tone that makes the walls surround you like a cocoon. Some subtle shades of green, peach, yellow, or blue could be enough to make this guest room worth checking.
  • Detail it further with paint — Only the normal coat of paint isn’t going to be that impressive. Some detailing is required. There are a plethora of options to play with paint – from hand-sponging to stenciling, from murals to texturing – the options are endless.
  • Add functional furniture — By functional furniture, we mean the one that serves a purpose in this space. (No matter how small or big it is!) Like, you can go for a sofa cum bed in this guest room (that turns into a bed when you have a guest and stays as a comfortable lounge space otherwise). Wall cabinets possibly take up the least space. Some floating shelving also helps in storage. A mirror not only helps your guest but also makes your room look bigger. Play up the mirror with strategic lights.
  • Add touches with the furnishing — When you just can’t do much due to low budget or space, simply let the furnishings create the pizzazz. The drapes that you choose should be really appealing and even the cushions and bed linens should add a pleasant aura to the room. A plush rug also creates a dramatic impact in such a small space and helps to define zones.

Aren’t you imagining a nice and fabulous guest room in your home already? With so many impressive factors making this space so charming, you never know you may want to use this room for yourself.

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