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Useful tips to design a home fit for a large family

Designing a home is never an easy task. And it might be a little simple if it is just for a single person or a couple. But imagine if you have to design a nice, large family home for around eight or six people? Well, the same task appears to be so daunting and difficult. You have to keep in mind everybody’s choice in mind and conveniences too. Of course, this requires all your ideas, your interior decorator’s best skills, and some useful tips from this post.

How to design a home for a big family?

We have seen people struggling very hard to design a home that is both compatible and suitable for a large family. And believe us, you’ll have to give your heart and soul to create a space that embraces so much versatility perfectly. Now, for the exclusive tips to create this amazing home for a large family, keep reading:

Ask for everyone’s choices first

We would suggest that before you start with the designing process, discuss with everybody in the family their personal choices and preferences. Note them down. Call your interior decorator and create a rough idea about all these essential matters and remember to not to leave even a small kid’s choice while designing the space. Give equal importance to everyone’s preference and then think of the theme that will be accepted and loved by all.

Never skip the privacy matter

You might be a dozen people living under the same roof, but the privacy of each one is very important. Remember to keep this factor in mind when you are designing the house for such a huge family. If you are short of space and would want to create a multi-functional room or say a room shared by siblings, ensure that there is at least a plaster wall or a curtain in between. In case of adding additional floors or creating duplexes, remember to separate the sections with a door and so on.

Divide the same room with different themes when sharing the space

Since nowadays it is pretty difficult to provide a personal space to everyone in the family, especially if it’s a huge one, it is entirely acceptable to create shared spaces. But if there’s a shared living room and kids’ play area, ensure that you are contrasting the designs of these two areas by different décor themes. Like, one side of the kids’ space can be painted in patterns or designs by painters in North Shore Auckland like Auckland Premium Painters and the other side can be a smart textured paint that can blend well (and not seem too jarring!) with its counterpart. Their painters have excellent knowledge about interior and exterior painting, and they’ll surely help you a lot in designing magnificent spaces for your family.

Keep functionality in mind

A home for a large family should be beautiful and very functional. Each and every component of the rooms, (especially the common rooms like — dining area, kitchen, etc.) should be useful for all apart from being pleasant to look at. Not to forget being spacious too so that each family member fits in.

The tips are definitely super helpful in designing an ideal home for a large family. If everything is selected and organized as we have suggested above, you’ll surely have a home that is loved by all and looks perfect too.

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