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Host With The Most – 4 Appliance Upgrades That Will Win You 5-Star Ratings For Your Airbnb Listing

We’re living in a world that bombards us with advertising. It’s easy to get confused by the different offers and the claims. It’s also easy to completely switch off to all of it and ignore it. However, as an Airbnb owner, it’s important to note that there truly helpful innovations that can boost your Airbnb listing’s rating. As a result, you will attract more business which again empowers you to offer better facilities. Here are the top four appliance upgrades that will win you a 5-star rating on your Airbnb listing:

  1. Excellent Cookware

Everyone is safety conscious these days, especially with the rate at which technology has changed. While many new innovations add more risk to the lifestyle of those of us living in these modern times, some, make it safer. Hosts no longer need to worry about stove tops being left on by guests thanks to induction cookware. This is especially important for family-friendly Airbnbs where children are always at risk of injury. Induction cookware lowers the public liability risk and sets you in good stead with your guests and with your insurance companies.  

  1. The Locks

Password-enabled locks are great. It means you don’t have to be onsite when you’re welcoming your guests. Locks that have a limited-time period password are even better. It means your guests are only able to access the rooms for the duration of their stay, then the password changes. These locks are called smart locks and they help visitors to feel more empowered while it eliminates the stress of keys which are forgotten and locks that get lost or stolen. It means that access to the premises can be granted alongside the booking confirmation email, eliminating the need to try and figure out logistics around the opening and the welcoming of the visitors.  

  1. Self-Watering Flower Pots

Seeing pictures of other Airbnb listings and wondering how they get that gorgeous cottage appeal? Flowers and plants in pots add life to a building in a way that few other decor items can. It could have something to do with the fact that the human eye is capable of detecting more shades of green than any other color. Along with that, green is a color of safety and it sets people at ease. Self-watering flower pots can supply your guests with plenty of fresh herbs, the scent of flowers, and green sprigs of life. The best part? They’re self-watering which means you can top them up once in a blue moon and then forget about them completely. They’ll ensure your plants are watered gradually and continue to blossom. 

  1. Coffee Maker

Whether your guests are visiting for business or pleasure, coffee is always a must. A good coffee maker will set your Airbnb in good esteem if it functions well and produces a respectable brew. The last thing you want is for the guests to get takeout coffee because the coffee maker is unreliable or it fails to make a decent brew. An upgrade is essential all-round. Great coffee will also power your teams to take on their duties more proactively and with greater vigor. Besides who can resist the smell of freshly brewed coffee when you arrive at our accommodation? It’s welcoming and it’s absolutely irresistible. 

It’s far easier to market yourself with confidence when you are able to provide your guests with a comfortable stay and a positive experience. The appliances will simplify life for someone who is away from home, providing a comfortable space for them to relax. 

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