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How To Plan A Baby Shower

Baby Shower Planning is not easy. It can be intimidating especially if the number of guests is more. You want it to be just perfect as it is a special occasion for mom to be. You want it to be memorable for the mother and everyone who attends it. Baby Shower Planning includes planning for baby shower activities, favors, games, party theme, refreshment or meal, centerpiece, decorations and much more. It starts with the invitation cards and end with a favor. You would like each and everything to be memorable, unique and special.

Baby Shower Planning

Baby Shower Planning will depend if you are planning it alone or doing it with a group of friends. If it is a group of friends, you can divide the responsibilities, each one taking care of one or two things. The most important thing is to have a checklist so that you can make sure that each and everything is taken care of. First of all, you need to decide the venue of the baby shower. Make sure it is convenient for all the guests. You will have to select the venue as per the number of guests and their age group. Then, you need to choose the menu depending upon the time of the day of party. Baby Shower Planning also involves lots of games. These games are all baby centric and involve mother to be. The games can be guessing the tummy size of mom, guessing the gerber food, pinning the baby on the mother, predicting the sex of the baby, guessing the number of candies in a baby bottle etc.

Baby Shower Themes

Another important aspect of Baby Shower Planning is the themes. You need to choose the theme carefully so that you can coordinate everything to it. This means coordination games, cake, decoration and favor as per the theme. Choose the theme for which you will get the matching stuff easily. Last but not the least, don’t forget the favors. These are small, inexpensive but a thoughtful gesture as a token of appreciation to all who attended the party and made it special for the mom. Baby showers are not what they used to be few years back. They have become more trendy and fun over the period of time. Though baby shower is an old tradition, people still enjoy it with the modern touch. The basic remains the same which involves showering the mother to be with lots of gifts, love and affection.

Baby Shower Decoration

Baby shower needs lots of preparation and lots of Baby Shower Stuff. This stuff that is needed includes invitation cards, decoration stuff, centerpiece, tableware, games stuff, favors, corsage and much more. Some of this Baby Shower Stuff can be made at home and some can be bought either online or from the party shops. All the Baby Shower Stuff (boy and girl) is easily available online and some of these sites offer a great discount. This way, you get everything at one place and everything is matching and well coordinated. You can also personalize them buy sending your personalized message and these sites will provide you all the Baby Shower Stuff with these messages. You need lots of Baby Shower Stuff for the baby shower games as well depending upon the number and types of games. But you atleast need lots of balloons for decoration and other Baby Shower Stuff as well. Baby Shower Stuff can also be chosen as per the theme of the party. If you decide a theme, then all the Baby Shower Stuff can be matched with it to make it look trendier. Some mothers like to wear corsage on the special occasion. You can either buy it from the store or make it as per mother’s choice. All Baby Shower Stuff that you need to make a corsage includes gum, scissors, baby booties, ribbons, safety pins and some beads. You can then come up with your own ideas of corsage and assemble it accordingly

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