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Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring a Waterproofing Contractor


If you have a leaking roof or a floor, then you urgently need the services of a waterproofing contractor. Well, there are many out there, but you need to avoid the following aspects while hiring a specialist. 

  • Not checking the license and insurance coverage

Often, people believe that they can hire a random contractor and get the job done. But the hiring process needs to be systematic and diligent. One of the important aspects to check is the license, certification and insurance coverage owned by the contractor. If you miss out on these, then probably you are making a wrong decision. 

Insurance coverage will safeguard your completed projects and money spent on the same. Similarly, while checking the license, ensure that it is valid. 

  • Not searching for local contractors 

Make sure that the contractor is at an accessible place from your home. In case of emergencies, you must be able to contact the staff immediately. Also, a local contractor will charge you nominal fees. 

  • Not seeking written estimates from several contractors 

We understand that seeking estimates from shortlisted contractors might take up substantial time. But it is essential to be clear regarding the prices beforehand. So, when you approach a contractor, ask for the price, materials, labour involved, and other aspects concerning the project. This does not mean that you have to hire a contractor who offers the cheapest quote. You also have to check the quality of work done by each contractor. 

  • Not checking the material and work quality 

Here comes our next thing to consider – evaluating the quality of materials and projects completed in the past. Ask your contractor if you can check the work done for previous clients. A competent waterproofing contractor will never hesitate in providing you with the exact details. On the same lines, you can assess the material quality personally and seek clarification. If any contractor does not provide these details, remember to disqualify from your list. 

  • Not evaluating the staff expertise 

The services of a waterproofing contractor depend entirely on its team. Confirm whether the staff is experienced and skilled to work on the given waterproofing project. If you require additional services such as tiling or remodelling work, can the staff do the needful? Do not hire a company having new, inexperienced staff. Experience is a priority when it comes to waterproofing projects. 

  • Not assessing the best customer service 

Even though it seems to be a mere waterproofing job, you will have to communicate with courteous and polite customer support. In case of future issues or warranty concerns, the contractor should help you. Best Skills Ltd boasts of efficient customer support to address your problems instantly. 

In a nutshell, one has to consider the above essential aspects while selecting a waterproofing contractor.

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