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5 Factors to Discuss With Your Designers When Decorating Your Commercial Area!

Decorating Your Commercial Area

A commercial area is to be always designed with perfection! It has an entirely different set of parameters and requirements to consider (compared to the residential interior structure). Though both of them are complex in their own terms, but some aspects of commercial interiors tend to be trickier than the residential ones. It’s a versatile designed structure in a very confined area that should be exemplary in all aspects; while a residential area is limited to a certain centralised theme mostly with the same idea to be generalised in the whole place.

When designing a commercial area, most of the times, you overlook certain important factors which lead to inconveniences and confusion later. If you emphasise too much on the interior, you ignore the security and work convenience. If you give more importance to the industrial equipment, often the aesthetic decoration is taken for granted! For the best way to balance everything completely, you should take help from the commercial interior designers in Sydney like Ionna Lennox interiors. They design your commercial spaces understanding your brand strategies, customer expectations, security, functionality and efficiency.

What you should talk about clearly with your designers when designing your workplaces?

If you want your workplace to look and be the most ideal one and very practical too, you have to clear some matters with your interior designers. This is of prime importance as it ensures there’s no scope of mistakes in the place, and your office is designed 100% correct in the first instant. Read below the significant criteria to discuss with your designers before starting the work!

The need for versatile structures — Commercial centres keep on upgrading and changing as per the need of the hour and growing requirements. That is why you have to be ever ready for the change to happen! And if you have versatile structures that can be suitable for any kind of products, then the cost of reconstruction decreases. For all the retailers, ensure you discuss this point with your designer without fail.

Considering technology implementing system — A perfect and seamless system of technology implementation is of vital importance in a commercial place. When you are planning your commercial interiors, ensure a lot of thought is given for telecommunication systems to be installed in the workplace. This includes considering the wiring and placements of telephones, computers, television and also overhead media. An unmistakable and very precise pre plan for the implementation of digital control is of vital requirement. This shouldn’t at all contradict with your decor system, but be a part of complementing the beauty of the place!

Keeping aesthetics intact — Commercial interior designing should also be enough impressive and maintain the aesthetic beauty of the place. The elements in the decor should match your business genre and the types of products you offer. Whatever decor items you are choosing should be changeable with time according to the latest trends in the interior world without distracting your basic brand representation. For example: If you presently own a fabric company and the design suits your commercial brand theme, with upgrades to more complex garment offerings, your interior designs should be matching with its needs too. And even if you try to change your decor, the basic theme should always be related to fabrics!

Importance of personal spaces —If your commercial place is customer based like restaurant, you should consider the fact that your guests would require a private and comfortable space to enjoy. Always ensure privacy is of optimum importance in such places. And if it is a business set up, providing small but personal cubicles will provide ensure maximum employee satisfaction and an efficient and neat looking office.

Ensure complete safety — Safety is the most crucial thing to discuss with your designers. Never neglect safety or avoid any of its components just because it doesn’t match your interiors. Like, not installing fire extinguishers just because there’s no red in the interior can actually be a foolish act! Always consider safety first whenever you are designing your office.

Discussing all the above matters with your designers is the most important part of building or renovating your commercial centres. It’s better to be clear with your requirements and preferences with your designers than later blaming them for something that is not done according to your wish!

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