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6 Yummy Foods For Your Toddler That Give Them Right Nutrients

Feeding your mischievous kid is not an easy task to do. Toddlers are very picky and just start crying when they don’t get their favorite food. Well, you can’t always feed them with the same pasta as it will affect their growth and development. Here are some ideas to make healthy toddler meals that will make them a good eater. 

Variety of colors, juicy taste, and easy to chew prepares a toddler-friendly meal. They will love to eat what you prepare and will develop a taste to try new food items each day. Check out these toddler meals for picky eaters and enjoy eating. 

Hummus and Avocado

Avocado are all’s favorite and hummus gives the children the proper amount of dietary fiber and protein. Together these two make a diet that is rich in proteins, and vitamins. Served with tzatziki dip, berries make it the best toddler meals. You can serve the hummus with a toast to add some carbohydrates to the meal. 

Healthy Breakfast

A quick meal for a toddler is to include dairy products. They are easy to digest and provide a large number of vitamins. A quick diet of 1 cup milk and half cup ricotta is best for your 2 to 3 years of Kid. 

You can add some nuts like crushed cashew or almonds that provide high healthy unsaturated fats, protein and fiber. Quick and delicious this is the best toddler meal for picky eaters. 

Roasted Broccoli

One of the most avoided vegetables by kids, broccoli can be made interesting when roasted. It acquires a juicy taste and turns red when roasted with lemon juice and pepper. Once served you will find it tasty and kids will love it making full bowl empty. 

The nutrients value of broccoli is high. It is a good source of vitamin K and Vitamin C. Rich in fibers it improves digestive health and vitamin C work as a powerful antioxidant. An easy toddler meal with rich nutrients everyone will love.

Roasted Chicken

Protein is a nutrient that must be present in a healthy toddler meal. Chicken is the best source of protein. Kids find happy to go with roasted chicken. You can try cooking it with different seasonings like mild ginger and garlic paste. Add nutrient value by an extra little teaspoon of sweetcorn. 

Serve it with cheese that provides calcium and compliment with strawberry or Kiwis to give a vitamin and mineral-rich diet.

Fruit Salad

A perfect idea for a healthy and refreshing lunch. A picky toddler meal that has something for everyone. From kids to adults it goes with all family members. Prepare a colorful and variant fruit salad with oranges, bananas, melon, apple, berries and add the flavour of juice to make it mouth-watering. A perfect diet with all the minerals, vitamins, carbs and proteins that meet all the body requirements.

Veggie Soup

Soup is an all-time favorite and a quick meal for toddlers. It’s a great method to compel your tasty eater with a wide range of vegetables all at once. You can complement the meal with apple puree. 

To give a crunchy taste add toasted bread crumbs that will build the habit of chewing in your little ones. Vegetables are rich in minerals and meet all the nutrients required in a kid’s diet. 

These toddler meals will help you get the perfect nutrients for your child and they will love absolutely everything. So, try it today and make your kids happy 🙂 

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