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8 Simple and Effective Commercial Cleaning Tips

No one likes a messy or dirty workspace, whether you’re an employee or entrepreneur. A messy commercial space can make a negative impression on clients, but it also affects an organisation’s overall productivity.

Most business owners are more concerned with increasing productivity. They forget to clean the most dirty areas in their offices, such as the reception area, workstations and kitchen. Professional commercial cleaning is a great option if you care about your employees’ health.

Entrepreneurs have to ensure that your employees are happy and healthy. Regular cleaning is important, no matter how big or small your office may be. To raise awareness among employees about cleanliness, you can organize fun and engaging tasks. To maintain a clean and healthy workplace, you can also consider the Green-clean policy.

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These 8 simple, yet powerful commercial cleaning tips will save you the cost of hiring professional cleaners.

1. Organise Everything

To keep your workplace clean and tidy, organize it daily. If you see papers scattered around your office, take a look at it and list the things that need to be done. To make it easier for employees to manage their paperwork and files, you can give them drawers. You can also use wall pockets and desk trays to store important paperwork. If you encourage your employees, this trick can be very effective.

2. Make a Cleaning Checklist

Make sure to create a checklist before you start the commercial cleaning job. This will ensure that you are on track and complete the task promptly. This checklist will list all areas in your office that require cleaning. This will help reduce mistakes and save you precious time.

3. Carpet cleaning should be thorough

Because carpet fibers are porous, it is imperative to vacuum and clean them regularly. It collects the most harmful bacteria and dirt so make sure to vacuum it thoroughly.

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4. Follow a Green-Clean Policy

A green-cleaning policy should do commercial cleaning. This policy requires that you only use biodegradable cleaners and solutions. It is often believed that eco-friendly cleaners are less effective than chemical-based products. The truth is that they are very different.

Today, most of the top cleaning companies use non-toxic cleaning chemicals to maintain a safe and healthy environment. You should also consider environmentally friendly cleaning products such as vinegar, baking soda, and water. It is possible to make it yourself, and have your cleaning staff use it every day.

5. Only use the most recent cleaning equipment

You must keep your staff up-to-date with the most recent equipment as a business owner. You can expect great results if you invest in high-quality cleaning technology such as vacuum cleaners, floor dryers, and mops. These tools will simplify their lives and ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

6. Desk cleaning is essential

Your employees should keep their desks and cabinets clean. Encourage employees to properly organize papers, files, and folders to keep their environment neat.

7. Dusting Keyboards and Computers

Keyboards and computers collect most dirt magnets. The keyboards are the most likely to transmit germs from the hands to the mouth. You must follow a strict cleaning schedule to increase your worker’s productivity. To clean computers and keyboards, you can spray a cleaning solution on a piece of cloth.

8. Toilet Sanitation

To ensure a safe working environment, sanitation is a must. You should clean the toilet seat with a suitable product, as bacteria and germs can be found. Keep the doors, taps, and washbasins clean in your bathroom. This will prevent employees from getting sick.


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