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Shopping Safely – 5 Tips To Help You Stay In Control Of Your Online Shopping Habits

Online shopping is as quick and easy as brushing your teeth. You can do it while you’re gargling mouthwash in your bathroom or while your boss thinks you’re working at the office. 

It’s incredible how much time one can spend shopping online, and this is despite the fact that most of us know all about the risks of excessive spending. If you’re tired of constantly falling victim to “buy one get one free” and “while stocks last” gimmicks, we’ve got five top tips to help you take back control. 

  •  What’s The Setback?

Before you go looking for fast loans online, determine exactly how much your shopping is setting you back, not in terms of money, but in terms of time. You may have heard people say “time is money” but do you realize just how true that is?

Find out how much time each item is costing you in terms of work hours. That jacket you want to buy – how long would you have to work in order to purchase it? 

Is a single clothing item really worth three days of work (especially if you know you get bored with things after a few months)? When you look at it that way, you won’t be so eager to waste money on frivolous purchases.

  • Cash Is King

It’s not easy to monitor your finances when all it takes to make a big purchase is the press of a button. Using cash involves more than just one finger and can help you improve your muscle memory, resulting in increased neuromuscular control when making purchases.

It’s more of a trigger to the brain when you pay cash than it is when you pay online. Keeping cash makes it easier to keep track of how much money you have left. All you have to do is look into your wallet or purse to determine how much you really have to play with. 

  • Respect Your Budget

Your budget should be like the (self-imposed) law – there should be no two ways about it. Don’t take it like a recommendation. Instead, consider it a court order you must abide by. Though, of course, you may need a bit of time to get used to this.

  • Distance Yourself

It’s important that you don’t even give yourself the chance to get tempted. Make sure you don’t leave anything in your cart when ‘window shopping’ online. Full carts can serve as bait for online retailers who will do anything it takes to get you to buy what’s in your cart (including persistent emails). 

Speaking of emails, unsubscribe from any promotional emails you’ve accumulated. Those are some of the most useful weapons of mass addiction, so don’t let them near your inbox.

  • Write It Down!

You must monitor your habits in order to control them, but is it enough to see the money going away? Does it really sink in or do you get distracted from what you receive in return? Noting down every purchase will rub it in even more.

Your handwriting will give you a sense of ownership and responsibility for every purchase and will serve as a constant reminder of your spending habits, making you conscious and possibly even guilty for shopping too much.

What The Future Has In-Store

Depriving yourself a little now can give you a lot of pleasure later. Whenever you want to buy something and you manage to resist the urge, you’re contributing to a financially free future for yourself and your family.

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