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DIY Baby Shower Crafts Ideas

Making your own baby shower crafts for use at the event is always a great idea. It is a wonderful way to get involved in the event. And you can use easily available, low cost items to create lovely crafts to enhance the atmosphere at the shower. Here are a few baby shower themes & crafts  ideas you can implement with just a little effort. The first one — baby shower corsages. These cute little items can be pinned onto the expectant mother to give her that special look. To start with, decide on a centerpiece for the corsage. It could be a pacifier or a rattle or anything reasonably small with a couple of holes at one of the ends to secure other stuff onto.

Baby Shower Centerpiece

Get a supply of ribbons, safety pins, a diaper pin, banner, small silk flowers attached along a thread and rectangular tulle. Once you have all the materials ready, let’s move on to the steps for creating a corsage. First make a sort of fan by folding the tulle. Pinch one end of this fan together and tie it with a ribbon. Make sure the ribbon has enough free lengths at both ends. The next step is to fix the fan onto your chosen centerpiece tie the ribbon onto it through the holes. Now you realize why the centerpiece needs to have holes at one end. Use the free ends of the ribbon to fashion a baby bow at the front of corsage assembly. You will need safety pins to secure it well. Once this is done, gently spread the tulle out at the top of the corsage. Now take those small silk flowers and use them to decorate the corsage further. Your first baby shower craft is ready! All that remains to be done is to pin the lovely corsage onto the expectant mother at the baby shower. Use a diaper pin to accomplish this doesn’t your creation look lovely. Here’s another baby shower crafts idea — baby trees. Get hold of a small tree branch that has other branches growing off it. Remove all leaves and spray paint the branches. Get a flower pot and some Styrofoam. The Styrofoam should fit well within the pot. The next step is to fix the branch in the foam ensure that it is securely standing. Now you can hang small baby products / items on to the branches.

Baby Shower Tree

This baby shower tree is just right for these events. Go ahead and create more than one such tree they look great at showers. baby shower boy sock roses are yet another unique baby shower crafts idea. Here’s what you need a pack of baby socks, florist wire, artificial leaves, tape. To make a rose, lay one sock flat on a table. Roll it up beginning at the toes till you almost reach the heel. At this point, cover the rolled portion of the sock using the open end of the sock. Hold it securely in place by running a small piece of wire through it and twisting together the ends of the wire. Get a length of florist’s tape and secure this ‘rose’ onto a ‘stem’ which is nothing but a longer wire. Tape the artificial leaves on to the stem. You have a rose ready! To create more roses, just repeat this process. Put all the stems of the roses into a vase to make a wonderful display. Try out these fine baby shower crafts ideas and create the right shower atmosphere at your event! I Hope you like my article give your reviews in comments and check my next articles for baby shower decoration, favours, games & food ideas.

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