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Early Signs That You Might Be Pregnant

Looking for the symptoms of conception is something that can become something of an obession if you and your partner are keen to have a baby…but in fact, research seems to show that the more relaxed you are about it, the more likely you are to conceive. Getting pregnant isn’t always easy, but here we offer you detailed advice on looking for the very early signs of pregnancy and the checklist of 10 signs of pregnancy to look for. One of the great things about a planned pregnancy is that you can give your future baby the very best chance in life through your planning. Ideally, you and your partner need to be in tip-top health and eating a healthy diet before you even think about trying for a baby. Many couples take at least a few months to conceive, whether it’s their first baby or whether it’s a subsequent pregnancy, so they often become very tuned in to small changes. Obviously a missed period is what everyone is looking out for but even before this, there are certain symptoms of conception you might pick up on.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

Breasts feel tender or slightly engorged. For some reason, many women report this sign very early on, way before any pregnancy test could give an accurate answer. Unusual fatigue or tiredness, especially at times of the day when normally you’d be alert and full of energy. Very slight spotting. This can be a sign that your hormone balance is shifting and provided it doesn’t get any heavier, is totally normal and doesn’t indocate a threat to the pregnancy. If spotting should become bleeding in early pregnancy, however, you need to know how to decide whether to call the doctor or not. Another of these very early symptoms of conception might be sudden changes in your mood or feeling exceptionally emotional about everything. Again, only count this as a possible symptom if it really is different from how you normal feel or behave. The people close to you are often the ones who can be most objective about this! :)These are the main signs that might give you a clue that you’re expecting before a test would be accurate but it’s vital to take that test as soon as you can, usually 14 days after a missed period, if you have a regular cycle. If your cycle is irregular, you might have to wait a little longer before you could be sure. If you’ve been trying for a baby for some time and are beginning to worry, then you might like to know about the Personal Path to Pregnancy , which is a very helpful E-Book that helps you eliminate the most basic reasons why conception may not be happening.

Your Experiences of Trying for a Baby

Our Story About Our Baby’s Conception

Our first baby just happened along pretty much when we were ready for her, which was wonderful. But when it came to conceiving for the second time, things went differently. Months went by, a year, two…plus two early miscarriages – and still nothing. For the first time in my life I started living by the calendar. Looking for the symptoms of conception became the focus of my life. I kept a conception chart by the bed and knew exactly when my peak fertility days occurred. Nothing happened. There came a time when no-one dared ask any more and each month my husband tried so very hard not to cross-examine me as to whether my period had arrived or not. Eventually, after many hours spent sitting in waiting rooms and just when we were about to foster, I got pregnant again. I was very lucky and this time I knew it. No more taking fertility for granted! Because of this experience, and the many stories of friends and acquaintances, I know that a huge number of couples go through just this kind of trauma, and that many haven’t had the comfort of an earlier pregnancy, like we did. How I wish, then, that I’d found a really good source of information on getting pregnant, unlike a close friend of mine who recently discovered a ‘pregnancy miracle’, as she calls it, and now has twins! Wahey ! The problem that most of us find is that you’re constantly looking for those signs of pregnancy and it’s such a blow when your period arrives bang on time, or you detect any early pregnancy bleeding. But most women tend to find that it’s when you relax and stop worrying about it (not so easy!) that things start to happen. It’s amazing how many women become pregnant just after they’ve filed adoption papers! The most important thing, though, is that we shouldn’t let the constant search for symptoms of conception or the issue of whether we can have a baby or not affect the way we rate ourselves as individuals, or destroy our lives or relationships. You are still just as valuable a person – in fact, probably more – if you end up adopting or fostering instead of having children of your own. I wish you and your loved ones every happiness in life, whatever your way forward reveals.

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