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Five Secrets No One Shares About Window Cleaning

Shares About Window Cleaning

Clean and sparkling windows are the assets of your home, and you cannot mess them up with dirt and grime. But how do you achieve this goal of picture-perfect windows? Well, hiring professional services is certainly a wise decision. But before that, we would like you to enlighten yourselves with some of the pro window cleaning tips. 

Maybe, you can maintain your cleaned windows with these tips, or you can get your windows cleaned as per these hacks. So, let’s start with our window cleaning journey. 

  • You do not require any special cleaning detergents 

House owners firmly believe that the stronger the detergent, the better it will clean the windows. The pros feel that this is contradictory to reality. Your windows do not need a cleaning detergent but the right technique with the right tools. So, next time, when you consider purchasing a harsh chemical for your windows, stop yourself. 

The makers of these detergents make unrealistic claims by calling it specialized for window cleaning but remind yourself that it is a mixture of harsh detergents and nothing else. So, don’t fall in the trap of these marketing gimmicks and buy a simple yet effective solution for your windows. 

  • You can use DIY solutions for window cleaning jobs 

We would suggest that window cleaning is undoubtedly not a DIY project if you have limited help and you live in a high-storied apartment. But using DIY solutions to clean your windows from the inside is a wise idea. A simple solution of water mixed with a limited quantity of vinegar can do wonders to make your windows look clean and glossy. Pros believe that buying expensive stuff as cleaning solutions is just a waste of money. 

  • You need the right tools for window cleaning

We mentioned earlier that your windows do not need special cleaning solutions, but they surely need the right equipment. For instance, you will require a glasswasher (a microfiber one so that it does not absorb water), a window squeegee (this is a must!), cleaning cloths, and an extended handle. If your windows are too high, you will also need a ladder and a few more extender poles. 

Extra cloths are always beneficial as you do not want the window frames to be messier and dirtier. 

  • You need to use the right technique 

Window cleaning is not just wiping and scrubbing with cloth pads and a cleaning solution. A pro will always use the right method to do the cleaning perfectly. It is alright even if you have a few tools, but you need to have the right ones using the right technique. 

A plastic T-bar is a great tool to sprinkle water on your windows. It is reasonably priced and is durable to re-use them for a higher number of times. On the same parlance, a squeegee is an excellent tool to get the water off from the windows. We would recommend you to purchase a high-quality squeegee from a professional supplier and not the random ones that you find in any local or departmental store. Scrapers and cloths are also required for smudge-free windows. 

It is easy to find all these tools online; however, we would suggest you to buy from the experts. 

  • You need professional assistance 

It is not possible for homeowners to do thorough window cleaning on their own. So, it is advisable to hire a professional window cleaning company to seek the best assistance. They have considerable experience in window cleaning in Melbourne and can provide you with spotless windows at nominal charges. 

So, hiring a window cleaner is surely a time-saving hack, and you can seek the best quality services too.

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