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How to Make Liquid THC at Home for sale?

The human condition is not designed to be content. This is one of the many faults of humanity. People smoked weed in the 1960s and 1970s with between 5-10% THC. This amount is now considered to be negligible for avid smokers.

The marijuana strains that have been bred over the years have had higher and higher amounts of THC. Many of the most sought-after varieties you can buy in dispensaries contain upwards of 30% THC.

We are referring to liquid THC for sale, the best way to get high from marijuana.

The liquid THC, ultra-concentrated marijuana, has been extracted from the buds and made into a vape juice or oral tincture. It can be inhaled at low temperatures using a vape pen, mod box, or any other concentrate vaping device.

It is common for liquid THC to contain over 90% depending on the quality extraction and the different processes used during infusion.

What is Liquid THC? How does it differ from Cannabis Tinctures?

We’ve already mentioned that liquid THC is a concentrated form of marijuana with a high THC content. Most marijuana strains contain 12-35% THC, but most liquid pots have 70% or more THC. This is enough to make you feel higher than ever before in your life.

The term “cannabis-tincture” or “cannabis oils” broadly means. There is no discernible difference between liquid THC and cannabis oil. You could generalize that all liquid THC can be considered cannabis oil. However, not all cannabis oil can be called liquid THC. This makes sense.

A “cannabis oil” (or cannabis tincture) could contain low-THC oils, sublingual medicinal oils, and CBD oils. A tincture is an oil-based liquid that has been infused with natural botanical extracts.

How to make liquid THC There are many ways to do this, some safer than others. We will be highlighting some of the most popular ways to make liquid cannabis oil for e-cigarettes and pointing out some important things you should avoid if you create your recipe.

How to make liquid THC?

We have listed three common methods to extract liquid THC from dried marijuana plant matter. These are not the best methods to make liquid THC from dry marijuana plant matter. We do not recommend them.

Use liquid THC at room temperature

How do you make liquid THC the easiest and most foolproof way possible? It is best to do this at room temperature and with some stable alcohol. It takes a lot longer than the other methods.

You will need some marijuana, preferably one that is free from stems or seeds. Once you have it cut up, you can place it in an alcohol bath for several weeks. Depending on what quality and how potent you want, “a few” can be anything from one to three weeks.

You will first need to bake the chopped up weed in the oven for 20 minutes at 200/95degC or preferably less. This converts the THCA to THC, allowing you to get high.

Next, place the decarboxylated marijuana in a mason container and pour enough alcohol into it to cover. Screw on the lid and allow it to sit for a while, shaking it every so often. You will get all the THC out of the flower’s natural chemical properties, making it rich and potent liquid.

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