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Is vitamin water good for you 

Is vitamin water good for you 

It’s now time to recharge after you’ve completed a challenging workout.

You might not like water or prefer to drink something with nutrients that will help you replenish your lost sweat.

The sports drinks market has a lot to offer, with a wide range of products that include alkaline waters and energy drinks.

The bottles with labels that read like the menu at a boutique smoothie shop are also available: “B-vitamins!” Electrolytes and zinc! Bee pollen! (Bee pollen??) It’s better than water! Right?


These drinks are as energetic as pro-athletes if you trust their marketing.

Coca-Cola owns Vitamin Water, one category of these drinks. These products include “revive,” “focus,” and “energy”, and the clear bottles are filled with brightly coloured liquids.

It is hard to not fall for the label lingo and even more difficult to discern which sports drinks are true to the original claims.

Because sports drinks can be different, many sports drinks are full of empty promises rather than beneficial ingredients. Please do not fall for the frivolous marketing claims. They will revive you. While they may be next to water bottles in the grocery store aisle, there is more to some sports drinks than you might realize.

Keep reading if your instinct is to reach for a bottle of Vitamin Water. You might not need it for your post-workout drink.

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Is Vitamin Water Healthy?

An Advisor states that vitamin waters are marketed as refreshing drinks containing antioxidants and vitamins such as B and C.

Be careful.

You don’t need to eat more vitamin C if you eat a healthy diet. “They’re water-soluble vitamins, so you’ll end up excreting them.”


Vitamin Water can also be high in sugar and flavourings. A regular Pepsi bottle has 40 grams of sugar. Vitamin Water’s Power C Dragonfruit flavour has 32 grams of sugar. Abeyta states that Vitamin Water has zero sugar options but still contains many unnecessary ingredients.

Abeyta suggests instead that you find a drink that restores electrolytes like sodium. Gatorade and Powerade are two of the most popular drinks among professional athletes. Avoid the high-sugar versions, as these also contain added sugars. They are better for those who need to quickly regain nutrients lost from sweating and exercise, even though they have high sugar content. Abeyta believes whole foods are better than processed food.

He suggests that you do yourself a favour by getting some fruit and adding a little salt to it. You’re not getting what you need with vitamin water, but it’s still better than nothing.

Don’t be alarmed if you like flavoured water drinks. Vitamin water by itself won’t increase your sugar intake to dangerous levels. It’s a kind of soda, like vitamin water. It’s fine to enjoy it. But, he suggests that you consume it in moderation.

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