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Marlboro Nxt Regular Menthol

Marlboro nxt

The Secret of Manufacturing Marlboro NXT from Philip Morris USA

Some businesses focus on identifying customers, while others create customers. No, one can understand this better than Philip Morris USA- the largest tobacco company in the USA. With the best selling cigarette brands in the world- Marlboro, they are ruling the industry since 1972. It takes great efforts, strategic planning to achieve this level and remain there for so long. 

Meeting customer demands, Market knowledge, and innovation are the key points for every successful business, and that’s what Philip Morris goes with. However, advertising, quality, and accessibility should not be missed out. The introduction of Marlboro NXT was a breakthrough for the company. Accepted widely by UK smokers and many other countries. 

The Marlboro NXT Regular Menthol

Since its introduction from 2013, the Marlboro NXT regular menthol is the favorite choice of smokers as the menthol flavor creates a cool sensation that relieves stress and gives a refreshing puff. Manufactured with a proportionate amount of nicotine and crushable menthol capsule, it reduces the harshness of cigarette smoke and makes smoking pleasurable. 

Another reason being is that it creates fresh breath after smoking so you can enjoy the company of your non-smoker friends. As reviewed, the Marlboro NXT has many advantages over others.

  • More tolerable
  • They are cheaper than others in the market
  • Allows control menthol puffs
  • Suppresses cough reflex

Manufacturing such high-quality products require in-depth knowledge, trained staff, and organized system. Philip Morris USA has developed a (PM-PS) system to give you cigarettes that never compromise with the quality. 

Manufacturing of Marlboro NXT

The largest manufacturing plant for Marlboro cigarettes is at Richmond, Virginia, which is equipped with high-tech, advanced machines, experienced and trained staff. 

The process of manufacturing includes several phases. After harvesting, the tobacco is procured from farmers, and then the curing process starts. 


The tobacco leaves are placed in specially built structures. The drying process is carried out with a forced air-heat for 5 to 7 days, which gives them the yellowish/ brownish color. 

Once the leaves are cured, they are sold to local and foreign manufacturers.


The key to preparation starts with aging. Manufacturers add moisture to leaves in order to remove the large stems. Once it is done, they are stored in porous wooden boxes referred to as ‘hogsheads.’ These are then stored in special facilities for over 2 years for natural aging and mellowing.

Making of Cigarette

The boxes are transported to primary centers for cigarette making. The tobacco goes through the conditioning process so that it can be easily blended and cut for cigarette making.

The tobacco is blended with flavors based on the formula created for different brands and then feed to automated cigarette making machines.

Measured of tobacco is added to cigarette papers with filters. The machine adds a menthol or any other flavored substance in the filter in a controlled amount. The packaging machines pack the cigarette boxes, which are then sent to retailers. 

So, from harvesting to packaging, every aspect is taken care of to give the highest-quality products to loyal customers. Try out your Marlboro NXT today. 

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