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Reasons why we suggest you to seasonally change your curtains

For most of you, a curtain is just an element of your room. You hardly think twice before getting them and not even consider the important factors like materials, designs, etc. while choosing them. Well, breaking news — curtains can be an as important a part of your room as your furniture is! So, when you are investing in them, be careful that you are picking the best piece for your decor.

It’s time to change the curtains seasonally – know why!

You often have a habit of changing your wardrobe collection seasonally. Even your shoes or personal items are picked mostly according to seasons.  But why curtains, you wonder? It is actually very practical and logical. Intrigued to know more? Read on!

  • The much-needed seasonal effect — Well, you might at least know that the curtains can be a kind of insulation provider to your room! These can let more sunlight in or block it (as per your needs) and even prevent the wintry wind from biting your bones to some extent. So, basically, you should change to heavier and stiff wave curtains during the winters to create a thicker layer against the chill and go for voile curtains during summer to let the bright sun peep in perfectly. For best-quality voile curtains made to measure, check Made Curtains and their website. They have a plethora of options available for you in all types of curtains from which you can select the best one as per the season, your personal preference, and décor theme.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness — You need to change your curtains seasonally because these are magnets for dust and house-mites. You’ll find all of such kinds of germs settled in these. Especially during the summer and spring season, you’ll find oodles of these stuck on the curtains. So you’ll have to change your curtain to a material that can’t hold these for long. Like – voile. And during winters, the salt and moisture in the air often lead to a sticky feeling on the curtains as well. And since you have to bear with the thick curtains throughout this season, it’s only wise to take them off when it’s time for airing out the home once again.
  • The inexpensive revamp —Don’t you get bored of watching the same kind of curtain in your home throughout the year? Well, that is why we suggest you at least change it seasonally. During the summer you can pick up nice floral patterns for your curtains and create a charming chirpy look in your house. While for winters, you can definitely go for darker shades to feel cozy in your home.

Further, changing fashion trends makes it all the more needful to flip the pattern and design of your curtains occasionally. If you want your home to look trendy and match the seasonal vibes, don’t cringe about doing so! 

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