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Toddler Tips- 5 Ways to Make Your House Safer for Children

Once your baby becomes a toddler every single drawer or cupboard in your home becomes a concern. You have to be extra mindful about your space because many things can be a hazard for them. 

You want to do all that you can to make your home a safe space so you won’t have to hold your breath every time your toddler crawls to the kitchen or opens up a drawer. To ensure maximal safety, check for hazards one room at a time. 

Look carefully around each room for potential dangers and then implement the following strategies:

  • Start with the Kitchen

The kitchen could be a major accident area. Your child could get a burn, cut, or even leave a trail of ketchup on the floor. For walking children who can reach the stovetop, burning becomes a serious concern. 

You can eliminate the risk of your child getting burnt by switching to induction cookware. Whereas normal stovetops get hot to heat your food, induction cooktops have no open flames, and the surface itself doesn’t heat. 

Using child-friendly locks on cupboards is essential. This is the best way to ensure that your child can’t access your expensive dinnerware or other breakable items. 

While additive measures like these are helpful, it’s equally important to consider the items you should remove from your kitchen. Table cloths are a prime example. Toddlers love pulling tablecloths, and this almost always ends with a mess of broken dishes on the floor. 

  • Use a High Chair

Although toddlers hate it, make sure to strap your child into a high chair to ensure they can’t wiggle out of it. Your child could get hurt if they topple over while trying to get out of the chair.

  • To the Living Room

With all the outlets in your living room, you need to use a plug protector to protect your child from getting a severe electrical shock. Make sure there are no electrical cords running underneath the rugs either. 

Pick up any small toys or hazardous items that can cause choking, and try not to keep pot plants in the house when you have small children in the home. If you can’t live without your indoor plants, at least make sure the varieties you keep in your house aren’t going to harm your child’s health if they chew on a few leaves or flowers. 

  • Avoid Bathroom Faux Pas

A common mistake many moms make is taking their hairdryers to the bathroom and leaving them plugged in. To avoid any accidents, make sure to unplug all electrical appliances in the bathroom.

Ensure that any cupboards containing medicines are kept locked. Preferably store medicines far above the reach of your child and always put skid-free mats in your bathroom to avoid slips and falls.

  • Your Child’s Room

Keep your child’s bed away from windows and never leave their windows more than an inch or two open. Always have diaper supplies ready and within reach so you don’t leave your toddler unattended during nappy change time.

Never get bunk beds for children who are merely learning how to climb, and don’t keep excess pillows or too many toys in your child’s room. The less there is in your child’s room, the less likely they are to get hurt. 

Most importantly, clean the house regularly so you can stay on top of any hazardous objects lying around. You must remember that no matter how secure you try to make your home, children need supervision to ensure that they don’t get injured or hurt.

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