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Top 7 Most Valuable Scrap Metals

Chances are that you have scrap metal lying around if you recently renovated your home or own a business that manufactures metal parts. Knowing which metals are most valuable is important when recycling scrap. The scrap yard will typically pay more for non-ferrous metals like brass, copper, and aluminium than ferrous metals with iron. Learn more about seven of the most lucrative scrap metals.


Copper is one the most commonly found metals around the home and one of the most sought-after at the scrapyard. Copper can be found in old plumbing pipes or electrical appliances that have been upgraded.


It may surprise you that there are many old objects around with brass components. It is possible that an object you find looks like gold but is not made from gold. Brass can be found in all kinds of old ornamental items, including plates, candlesticks, and trophies, as well as brass fittings such as door handles/knockers, bed frames, and brass fittings.


Sometimes scrap metal buyers will offer silver at higher prices than you would get from a jewellery shop or pawnshop. You could make some quick cash by selling your silver scrap and converting it into cash if you have any old jewellery, silverware or medals.


People often think of soft drink cans as the best source for aluminium scrap. Aluminium cans and other types of packaging can provide a good return on recycling at the scrap metal yard. However, there are many other items from which to harvest aluminium. Aluminium can be found in many electronic items, including computers, gaming consoles, and parts of cars and bikes.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one the most common metals found in Australia. Because there is so much stainless steel, it is often considered less valuable. But stainless steel’s intrinsic value is driven up by its inclusion of other metals like chromium or chrome (10% or greater), nickel molybdenum, iron and others. The amount of nickel in the alloy will determine the scrap copper prices in sydney of different grades of scrap stainless steel.

Stainless steel is often found in kitchen appliances, whitegoods, and other kitchen equipment. It can also be found in parts and machinery in factories and warehouses. Remember that scrap yards will offer you a lower price for oily or greased stainless steel than you would get for clean stainless.


Gold, like silver, is a precious metal that is more valuable than other types of scrap. However it is often much harder to find. Jewellery, antiques and coins are all good examples of gold objects. Older electronics may contain enough gold in their parts to make it worthwhile to harvest the metal. Extracting the gold from computers and other electronic parts will take some effort. However, the return on your investment from turning scrap metal into cash will likely be higher than other types.


Although lead scrap can be very profitable when recycled, it is often difficult to find a source of non-ferrous metal. It is important to take precautions when reusing pure lead scrap. This is because it can contaminate the environment with high levels of toxic substances. Because lead products are heavy, it can be difficult to transport. Scrap lead is often in high demand so it’s worth the effort to find and transport.

You can arrange for scrap lead, or any other type of ferrous or nonferrous scrap metal to be picked up at your business or home via our 24 hour scrap metal pickup service. We deliver the bins to you and return them at your convenience.

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