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How To Effectively Deal With Coffee Stains On Your Carpet

It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your food & beverages while eating because there will be moments when a single spill can directly cause permanent damage to your carpet. When your carpet will be stained, you might be tempted to try out various procedures to mend that mistake, only to find that the procedure isn’t as effective as you hoped it would be. 

When talking about carpet stains, one of the most popular stains that you can find on your carpet is from spilling coffee. So, to keep your carpet in the best possible manner and reduce any lasting effects of coffee stains, we have formulated some of the best tips & tricks that you can follow in eliminating such stains. 

Procedures For The Removal Of Coffee Stains From Multiple Items

When it comes to coffee stain cleaning methods, there are quite a few of them out there, depending upon the item that you’re planning to clean. 

According to professional services for rug carpet cleaning, before you proceed with any of the following cleaning methods, be sure to perform a spot test and ensure that the process you’re performing isn’t damaging for the fibres of the item.

  • Cleaning Upholstery

If you have spilt coffee on any upholstery furniture, you should proceed to clean it as quickly as you can so that the risks of staining could be lessened. To do that, you’ll need to get a clean cloth along with some warm water. Add some non-bleaching soap to the water and mix it well. Then dip the cloth into the water mixture and try to blot the stain. Once blotting is performed, you can let your upholstery dry. 

  • Cleaning Carpets

To clean coffee stains from your carpets, you’ll need to obtain some paper towels. Use the paper towels to blot as much stain as you can from the carpet fibres. In case you find any residual stain, then we suggest using a carpet cleaner for the same. You can apply the carpet cleaner on the stained spot and allow the same to stay overnight. The next day, you can blot the residue with a clean, wet paper towel. 

However, in case you’re unsuccessful, then we suggest getting in touch with professional carpet cleaning services so that you can have peace of mind.

  • Cleaning Clothing

Cleaning coffee stains from clothing is a lot easier than performing the same on carpets or upholstery. All you need to wash the affected area under running water in your bathroom & kitchen sink and let the primary stains get eliminated. 

If there are any leftover stains, we suggest using some white vinegar on the affected area. Finally, give your cloth a good wash with some good quality detergent. 

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