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Baby Body – 5 Physical Changes To Be Prepared For After You Give Birth

The female body goes through a remarkable set of transformations during pregnancy. Growing a tiny human inside of you is no joke, and the changes don’t end after the nine months are up. 

Giving birth can lead to even more unexpected bodily and emotional transformations. Here are a few common physical changes that you should prepare for:  

  • Your Breasts Will Become Larger

Post-birth, your hormones send a message to your breasts to start producing milk. As a result, they become larger and more sensitive. When the milk comes in, your breasts become hard, and the best way to relieve the pressure is to nurse your baby.

To improve your level of comfort during this time, be sure to wear a nursing sports bra. You don’t have to be engaging in exercise to reap the benefits of a nursing sports bra. They are specifically designed to make the act of breastfeeding easier and to keep your breasts feeling comfortable, making them an essential wardrobe item for new mothers.

  • A Swollen and Bruised Vagina

Giving birth is a huge accomplishment, but doing so naturally could mean having a swollen vagina post-birth. The bruises will be evident and could make you feel all the more emotional about the appearance of your vagina.

To ease the bruising and swelling, experts recommend that you stay hydrated and lay down on your side. Sitting on a cushion is also far more comfortable than sitting on a hard surface.

If you gave birth naturally, you must make sure that you take care of your stitches. Try to bathe in plain water only or use gentle bath salts. Try not to use any other bathing products as this could result in a severe infection.

  • Post-birth Bleeding

Post-birth bleeding is pretty common, and it is usually heavier during the first week after birth. Thereafter, it reduces slightly. The bleeding may be rather intense in the first month because your uterus sheds its lining during this time.

The pure red blood will eventually turn to a brownish type of discharge. Many women use extra baby nappies placing them like a pad for added protection during the first few days after birth.

  • You Will Lose Weight

Something else that’ll happen after giving birth is that you’ll lose an excessive amount of weight. Within the first week after giving birth, you will lose all your water weight. Thereafter, nursing your baby will help your uterus to contract, causing you to lose even more weight.

With that said, this is unlikely to give you the flat tummy you had before you gave birth. A flabby tummy and stretch marks are to be expected for weeks after, and you can’t expect to get your old body back immediately.

  • Your Emotions Will Be All Over the Place

The week after giving birth, it’s common for a woman to go through a whole gamut of strong, unexpected emotions. It’s perfectly fine and even encouraged to cry so that your cup of emotions doesn’t overflow. 

Everything from your hair to your body has gone through dramatic changes, so it’s only natural that you feel emotional about it. However, if you still feel overly emotional after the first month, or if you feel some depression setting in, consider speaking to someone about it.

It’s important for new mums to be aware of the changes they’ll be going through after giving birth. That way, you’ll be better equipped to deal with them as they occur. 


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