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House Cleaning 101: Tips & Tricks To Deal With Your Child’s Toys

cleaning your kid’s playroom, every day will seem like a ‘Groundhog Day’ where you’ll feel like having deja-vu to clean the same toys, in the same manner. There will be piles of LEGOs on the floor, scattered little toys here & there, piles of dolls on your kid’s bed and so on. 

Having to deal with toy overload is pretty common, especially during the holidays when your child tends to receive a lot of gifts from other relatives & guests. So, how do you organize such a chaos of toys in front of your eyes? Well, fret not as we’ve got the ideal solution for you. Just sit back and enjoy reading our guide. 

Methods To Deal With Your Kid’s Toy Chaos

  • Try Purging Beforehand

As per professional house cleaning services in Adelaide, one of the best ways to clear out your kid’s room that’s filled with toys is to simply purge them before the holiday season begins. You can proceed to sit with your child one day and select the toys that are not worth keeping. Once you select the toys that your child doesn’t require, you can use them to donate to charitable organizations for children near you. 

Not only will your child learn the benefits of donation but it would also provide an opportunity for other less fortunate children to be able to play with toys. 

  • Try To Ration Toys

Since the holiday season will bring home a lot of new toys for your child, you have to follow a strict procedure when handing them over to your child. For starters, instead of giving all the toys to your child at one go, you can start picking one or two toys out of the list and handing them over to your kid. And then keeping the rest under wraps.

Later on, when your child will get bored of those toys (or maybe break them), then you can proceed to hand over the other available toys one by one. In that way, there will be less toy chaos and you’ll not have to worry about dealing with a toy mess every single day. 

  • Try To Rotate The Toys

Children get bored with toys pretty fast and the easiest way to combat the same would be to rotate the toys. For example, when your child gets bored playing with Hot Wheels cars, you can then store them away and instead give him or her LEGOs to play with. And when your child will not play with a certain type of toy for some weeks, his or her interest in the same will be regained. 

And that’s how you deal with your child’s playroom toy chaos. The procedures might be time-consuming but are worth it. 

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