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6 Essential Tips to Keep in Mind While Choosing Bathroom Floor Tiles

Your dream home would be incomplete without building the perfect bathroom that looks chic and modern while being extremely functional and comfortable to use. One of the first things to choose when deciding how to decorate your bathroom is floor and wall tiles. 

There are some main elements of any bathroom and the rest of the decor is usually in line with the patterns and colours you choose for the bathroom floor tiles in Melbourne. The process can seem overwhelming and it’s easy to get bogged down in research and options. 

Follow these important tips to choose the perfect bathroom tile and create the bathroom of your dreams. 

  1. Set your budget

The first step in any tiled floor project is to determine the budget. This process instantly eliminates all tiles out of your price range and reduces bathroom tile flooring options. Have a set amount you’re willing to spend on your bathroom design or remodel, and know how much of that money will go to bathroom floor tiles.

Money can be a major source of stress when designing a bathroom. Give your contractor your budget and make sure they stick to it.

  1. Determine your colours

Bathroom tiles come in more colours and patterns than we can probably count. Keep in mind a picture of how you want your finished project to look. You don’t need to know the exact tile, but choosing a colour scheme is a great place to start.

If you’re not sure which colours to use on your bathroom tile floor, look for inspiration. You can mix and match the styles you like and choose the colours that best represent the look you want.

  1. Understand the size implications

Bathroom floor tiles in Melbourne are available in a range of size options. You can find tiled floors in tiny 1-inch square tiles or large tiles several feet wide. Remember that the size of your tile greatly affects the look of your bathroom. If you are working with a smaller space, large tiles may be the ideal solution. 

They can make the space less cluttered and more open. The continuous surface of the large tiles is not interrupted by many joints, which can make your space seem larger. Once you find a smaller tile you love, you can mix and match the sizes of your bathroom tiles to create unique and exciting patterns.

  1. Limit the types of tiles

You can find six different types of tiles that you love and want to include them all in your space. Understand that using too many types of bathroom tile floors can make your bathroom look cluttered and crowded. 

A good rule of thumb is to limit yourself to three different types of tiles. You can incorporate multiple bathroom tile styles while creating a cohesive look. On the other hand, just using one type of tile can make your bathroom look dull or dull.

    5. Choose your accents

If you have a decorative piece for your bathroom, consider that when choosing bathroom floor tiles. You may have a unique piece of furniture or artwork for your bathroom that needs to coordinate with your floor for a cohesive look. 

You can also add an accent with your tiled floor. Remember that one accent piece is usually enough for a small room like a bathroom.

  1. Keep cleaning and maintenance in mind

It is important to remember to clean any bathroom tiles you choose. Porcelain stoneware and ceramic tiles are recommended for areas that get wet because they are easier to maintain. Stone tiles are harder to clean and are best used in an area of ​​your bathroom that doesn’t see a lot of water. 

Remember that seals also play a role in cleaning and maintenance. Smaller tiles require more grout lines, which means more grout cleanup. However, tiles with more texture or those with more grout can help prevent slipping.

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