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Baby Shower Basket Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Baskets are no longer usual boring stuff. They have become much more creative and clever. There is not end to what all you can imagine to fit into that little basket. You can make Baby Shower Gift Basket either at home or can purchase from shop. Now days, many online stores also offer lots of unique gift baskets. We all know what newborns need and what are the requirements of a new mother. You can design the Baby Shower Gift Basket to help the parents of new born in many different ways. One idea is to include storage hamper, baby manicure set, baby door pillow, bath soap, wash clothes, baby beanie, 2-3 t-shirts, picture frame, brush and comb set, tooth keepsake box, baby security blanket, rattle rag, and few teethers. You can also make a capsule Baby Shower Gift Basket and add teddy bear, baby time capsule, rhymes tape, door pillow hanger, cotton tees, picture frame, teether, rattle and a brush.

You can also make Baby Shower Gift Basket little more elaborate by adding wall hanging growth chart, haircut keepsake box, lullaby CD, first handprint kit, baby beanies, wipes, baby lotion and other bath accessories, burp clothes, booties and a large laundry basket with handles. Another great idea is to buy a bag with something written on it. This bag could later be used as a diaper bag. You can then stuff this bag with all the essential items such as blanket, booties, mittens, photo album, book, sippy cups, feeding spoons and a toy. Finally, you can put a cute ribbon around and a big bow to make it look attractive. You can also choose a particular cartoon character and add all the products related to that. These cartoon characters could be sesame street, froggy, Winnie the pooh, sports, ducks, got milk, little princess, mermaid, baby boy or baby girl. You can personalize all the gifts by writing the recipient name and a short message to give it a personal touch. Baby Shower is a special occasion for would be or new parents. It is a happy time for everyone especially family and close friends. If you are looking for a gift for this occasion, there are many choices available.

Some of the most common gifts are:

  • Sippy cups
  • Soft shoes
  • Cookie basket
  • Animal blocks
  • Diaper bag set
  • Keepsake
  • Bouquet of baby clothes
  • Strollometer
  • Plush baby buddies
  • Safety sleepers
  • Shopping cart covers
  • Tub organizers

Baby bouncer and many more.

You can choose the gift as per your budget and choice. There are few sites that can help you with Baby Shower Gift Idea. They offer personalised and unique baby gifts for baby shower. These sites also offer gift certificates of various denominations. This makes your Baby Shower Gift Idea easier and the recipient can purchase something as per their choice and need. On these sites, you also find the categories such as best seller, most popular, buyer’s choice and various others which can help you decide what others prefer to give as a gift. Baby Shower Gift Idea is especially difficult if you are not parents yet as you are not quite aware of the needs of mother during pregnancy or of the little baby. In such cases, giving the gift certificate is the best idea for you.

Many times, the parents create a wish list on a particular site. All you have to do is to go to that site and select one of the items that you would like to give them and that item will be ticked off the list. Would be or new parents will be intimated about your choice. Such wish lists avoid overlapping of gifts and it becomes easier for you as well. One of the very unique Baby Shower Gift Idea is Baby Einstein Videos or DVDs. These DVDs comprise of bright pictures and interesting sounds that draws the attention of little babies. These videos are great entertainers and learning tool as well. Babies as young as one month find them interesting and watch the video.

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