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Best Work At Home Jobs For Moms

Work From Home Jobs For Moms 

They can solve the agonising dilemma that faces so many of us: how to earn money without missing out on your baby growing up? Those first few years of your child’s life are so precious – and so short. Having to hand your baby over to a child minder or pay for an expensive nursery place is very much harder to do when the time comes than you ever imagined it could be.

But if you want to work from home you have to be careful.

It’s reckoned that over 97% of the ‘Get Rich Quick’ ads you see are either scams or pretty useless. At worst you can lose a fair bit of money and at best you waste the time that you could have spent on doing something more productive. A good rule of thumb is: If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

My Story

A few years ago I’d been on the brink of getting a job to help make ends meet – but finding it oh, so hard, to leave my young daughter in the care of a childminder. And the other catch 22 that mothers working from home soon discover: I found that just to pay for that child care was going to take a large chunk of my earnings too. So I began looking on the internet for opportunities to make money from home, and I soon found out that a lot of them were just hype. I probably parted with a few hundred of my precious cash before I realised that it was going to be very difficult.

But then one day I went onto Ebay

And there was an auction for a Pregnancy website – and the seller had loads of excellent feedback! I had started my local Childbirth Trust group and written some pieces for the local paper on pregnancy and childbirth, so right away I was interested. I looked into it carefully and decided that this was going to be my last attempt to find a profitable home earner. If this one failed or turned out to be a scam, then I’d just give up and get a job.

But this had been my lucky break:

it was an SBI site that was being sold (or at least, the very beginnings of one) and so this was when I first heard about Ken Evoy and the amazing SBI network, which I’ve now come to love like an extended family. Sure, it’s not the path to overnight riches, but it’s been my key to steadily building up a long term, passive and very valuable income. By passive, I mean I don’t have to work at it every day…or even every week. If I have other things to do, my site still keeps on growing and earning for me.

I don’t have a pension scheme and I always worried about that. But now I have the peace of mind of knowing I have a cheque coming in every single month that will go a long way towards paying the household expenses. And I’ve met many other SBI-ers at conferences who have replaced a top earning job with their income from their websites. Wow! And now I can see that gradually happening to me too. It’s quite an exciting thought, that I can keep on building this up in the future, and can even build sites to give to my family members too.

So now I’m building up a steady, long term income that increases steadily week by week, year on year, and I love what I do.

What could be better than that? There’s a whole network of mothers working at home now, worldwide. There’s also a group of SBI!-ers of all ages here in Scotland. We meet up twice a year to share how our businesses are getting along, which is wonderful. In June 2010 we held a conference in Edinburgh and it was so fascinating…I learned so much from chatting to other people who are building their online businesses and came home raring to try out all sorts of new techniques. Some folk there were earning plenty more than their old salary every month, which was really reassuring for those just starting out. And we all agreed – everyone should know about SBI!

So if you want to find work that you can fit around your new baby and your family, why not take a look at this video clip, then follow the link on screen to find out more?

I think it’s only now that I fully realise how very lucky I was to find such an enjoyable way to work from home and earn enough money to keep the household thriving. Here’s what my friend Laura, another of the SBI! mothers working at home, said recently: “My kids and I went out every single day, for walks, to play, to shop and visit friends. We cooked together, planted flowers and grew far closer than we could ever have done if we’d spent our days apart. And when they were sick I didn’t have to worry about taking time off or getting someone to look after them.”

This, in my experience, is a money-making solution that has literally saved the bacon of hundreds, if not thousands, of parents who want to earn a good income from home. I had very little computer savvy when I began: you just need to know how to get online and write basic, good English. I stumbled across Ken Evoy’s organisation by chance and now I belong to a huge world-wide fraternity, not only mothers working from home but people who are all at different stages on their journeys to a steady income. They are among the most helpful and friendly folk ever: I’ve learned as much on the forums as I have from the brilliant step by step Action Guide that got me working from home in the first place.

Since then I’ve realised that joining the sisterhood of mothers working at home was the best thing I ever did.

The beauty for a work-at-home mum or dad is that you can choose exactly when and where you work, to fit in with your baby’s waking and sleeping patterns and, later on, with the life of your toddler or young child. You can be there when they come home from school,when they’re sick and when they’re on school vacation, without having to sacrifice the important things that money can buy for your family. And mothers making money feel so good about themselves too: it’s great for confidence.

In these times of recession,

many families are finding their income threatened by job losses and unemployment. Even if your partner is bringing in a good wage right now, it can be a very wise move to set up an alternative income source in case businesses go under or redundancies occur. And if you have an elderly relative who is struggling to manage on their pension, tell them about this! Thousands of senior citizens are among the most successful SBI-ers…it’s never too late to learn.

If you want to explore one of the very best ways of doing this you can check it out here…

No IT Savvy Needed!I

had heard that it was possible to make good money from your own website but what held me back for ages was that I had no programming or web marketing skills whatsoever, which is why at first I discarded the idea. But then I heard about what many other people had experienced with the easy, step by step SBI site building and hosting tools and decided to try it for myself.Since then I’ve really enjoyed the easy, ‘tortoise’ way that SBI has guided me through the whole process. The blockbuilder system couldn’t be simpler and you don’t need any computer programming skills at all. And I’m even happier about the financial security it offers for the future. I no longer worry about pension funds that are failing: retirement is looking good for us. I think SBI rocks!

Work at Home Moms Never Feel Alone

As a huge added bonus, I soon discovered that SBI is far more than a brilliant way for mothers working at home to make a great living: it’s also a very friendly community and a way of life. Ken Evoy, who started this extraordinary enterprise, has set up the easiest possible system for building, maintaining and making real money from a business that you run completely from home. If you need help or advice, the vibrant SBI forums are full of it! It’s a warm, responsive online community that shares ideas and best practice so that you never feel alone at your computer!

One word of Warning, though, for all you Mothers Working at Home:

DON’T skip through the Action Guide. If you hear of anyone who has failed to make their site work, then 100% of the time it’s because they missed one of the vital steps out. You have to be patient and trust the process…and there are hundreds of thousands of us now who can guarantee you that if you follow the guide, it really works!My suggestion to anyone who’d like financial independence is…just investigate SBI and the opportunities it offers to mothers working at home. It costs a little more than some other hosting providers but it offers far, far more than any other host. It’s worth every last cent!

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