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Best Baby Shower Decorations

If this is your baby’s first party, you’ll no doubt want to make it as memorable as possible. You know – so family and friends will be talking about it for years to come 🙂 Ok, firstly I’ll address some of the party items that you will probably need to get, and some of the ideas that you may not have even thought of yet.

– Colorful balloons
– Flowers
– Streamers
– Banners, signs, and/or posters
– Inexpensive baby bottles (I’ll explain shortly)
– Bows
– Decorative baskets
– Toys to be used as decorations
– Candles and holders
– Colorful straws
– Party favors

If you plan to make this a fairly large event, with many friends, family, and other various guests, you’ll also need to think about hiring certain items. Here is a list of a few items that you may need to hire.

– Chairs
– Tables
– Tablecloths
– Napkins and possible napkin rings
– Party cups and/or glasses
– Party plates and other cutlery utensils
– Name cards (be sure to read over the [ Baby Shower Invitation Ideas ] section)

Here Are Some Cute Shower Decorating Ideas. These Ideas Are Not Only Fun To Make, But Your Guests Are Going To Love Them.

Decoration Idea #1 – A fun thing to do is to make finding the baby shower location easy for everyone. This is especially important if you have guests arriving from out of town.Create a series of signs saying something like, “This Way To The Baby!” Now setup a trail of signs leading guests to the location of your baby shower. Start a few blocks and/or intersections away. To help make the signs more noticeable, tie a couple of colored balloons to each sign. This is a great fun way to lead guests to the party – and it will also help set the mood for things to come.

Decoration Idea #2 – Get some, “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” confetti from your local party shop (or online), and sprinkle it all over the top of the table as a cute decoration. If you don’t know the sex of your baby, then simply use both (hey, it may even be twins, right?) Decoration Idea #3 – A funky way to showcase the baby gifts that you receive, is to use the baby stroller and/or crib. Fill it up with all the presents – it’ll really set a nice decorative scene.

Decoration Idea #4 – Hang a type of clothesline across the room, and with colored clothespins, pins up baby socks, hats, booties, and even disposable diapers. On the disposable diapers, write the name of the baby on it.

Decoration Idea #5 – This is a fun idea. Use inexpensive baby bottles as drinking glasses for guests. Using a scissors, clip the top of the bottle nipple off, just enough to push a straw in. Fill the bottle up with your party beverage of choice – like alcoholic punch (oops, did I say that out loud) 🙂

Decoration Idea #6 – Decorate an open umbrella with little decorations and/or streamers. Hang them from the ends of the umbrella, and then hang the umbrella from the ceiling. This makes for a wonderful focal point.

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