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Best Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

A diaper cake makes a great gift for baby showers. Many people often make a diaper cake on their own or they normally buy them online. The name doesn’t truly describe what kind of gift it really is. With a diaper cake, you don’t eat it. The cake itself is entirely made of disposable diapers. Now a days, you barely see people using cloth diapers. Even though after time you save money with cloth diapers, you rarely see parents using them. They take a long time to clean and they are also rarely used for diaper cakes. All of our diaper cakes are made with disposable diapers. We only use brand name diapers for our babies instead of generic diapers. There are many different ways to make a disposal cake made out of diapers. Our cakes are made with many different tiers. Most diaper cakes have between 1 to 5 tiers of diapers. To build a cake, you have to wrap dozens of diapers in a circular pattern. The diapers we use on our cakes are white but if you want to build a cake with colored prints, you can buy those kinds of diapers at the store. What’s unique about these cakes is that you can build a cake with many different kinds or types of diapers. So it gives each cake a unique effect. Another reason why its so fun making a diaper cake is that there are plenty of different options and choices you can have when you are making one. You can make a cake that is simple or you can make one that is elaborate. The really nice thing about a diaper cake is that you can put your own creativity into it. One of the best ways to decorate a cake is to put different baby items around the cake. It is best when you use baby items that will be needed during the first year of the babies life. The cake can be further embellished with ribbons and bows.

Diaper Cakes Ideas For Baby Shower

When a diaper cake is made, it is created with a single diaper and then you wrap multiple diapers around the tier in a circle. A three tiered cake normally uses around 50 diapers. When you make a four tiered cake, it normally uses between 70 to 80 diapers. If you want to make a cake that is more extravagant, you can use more diapers. You can also hide different baby items into the diaper cake. A diaper cake in general makes great centerpieces for baby showers. They are also starting to become more popular because of its practicality and usefulness. Sometimes, you can use the baby shower diaper cake as a game and guess what’s exactly in the diaper cake. They can be decorated around many different themes. It can be an item from your past or it could be designed around your nursery. Any new expecting mother would love to get a diaper cake. All diapers are used for babies and they make a great base for baby showers. With a diaper cake, you can have a few weeks’ worth of diapers for the baby. And when you receive one, there will we exciting baby items hidden in there as well. So consider giving a diaper cake for a baby shower!

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