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Faster Way To Fat Loss Meal Plan

Faster Way To Fat Loss is a popular virtual weight loss and wellness program.

All I can say is that people will always find new ways to punish themselves for how they look and what they eat, even if this means layering different diets on top of each other in a kind of fad diet. Maybe it’s confusion.

Faster Way To Fat Loss is a funny program. It takes a core of nutrition truth and adds an insane diet or diets on top of it.

It is difficult to find an objective Faster Way To Fat Loss review online. As usual, I tried to be objective here.

Is there a faster way to lose fat?

Every diet is different, and no one diet is the best.

Let’s be clear: Faster Ways to Fat Loss does not refer to a diet. All those “influencers” who claim it isn’t a diet are lying.

Amanda Tress is a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer who created Faster Way. My opinion is that her scientific advisory board is decidedly nonscientific. It includes a naturopath and microbiologist as well as a former Mr. Universe with a PhD in nutrition counselling. This credential doesn’t actually exist in real life.

Minimum, not from an accredited, highly-respected institution.

Faster Way To Fat Loss isn’t an MLM but does employ ‘coaches to sell their product.

It is amazing that coaches complete the program and then pay between $3000-$5000 for the designation of ‘coach’. This certification comes with a non-accredited certificate. THREE TO FIVE MILLION DOLLARS! !

These individuals are entitled to help Faster Way clients in their weight loss and nutrition goals. Each client they refer to a coach earns them money, as well as extra money for each one they recruit.

Is there a company that allows people to purchase their way into taking responsibility for the health of others? Oh, wait! They do all!

MLM coaches, even though FWTFL doesn’t technically qualify as an MLM, are dangerous AF and one the most harmful parts of these programs.

What is Faster Way to Lose Fat?

This 6-week-long program includes three diets: intermittent fasting and macro counting.

There are actually good science and research around IF weight loss and humans. However, it has never been shown to be more effective for long-term weight loss than simple calorie restriction. Some people find it easier to adhere to IF, but that’s about it.

Macro counting can be used to ensure you get a pre-determined percentage from carbs, fats, and protein. A faster way to lose fat is to log everything you eat into MyFitnessPal.

FWTFL bases personal macros on height and weight, activity level, and health history.

Macro counting is a problem for me because it assumes that all calories are equal. This is absurd. Faster Way To Fat Loss encourages whole foods, so macro counting is a part of the diet. However, diet quality is what FWTFL focuses upon.

Even though macro counting may not be for everyone, this is a positive thing.

Carb cycling is basically a way to alternate between high-carb and low-carb days in order to maximize the benefits of carbs for weight reduction and training.

You would eat more carbs if you had a hard workout. This is to replenish glycogen and provide energy for your activity. You’d eat less carbs if you were more active.

The theory is that this helps your body burn more fat for fuel. However, if you don’t eat a sufficient amount of carbs over a long time, it may not be happening.

Humans have not shown any evidence that carb cycling is good for weight loss or better health.


A week of FWTFL consists of two low-carb (under 50g per day), three regular macro-days, and two low macro-days (25% less each macro).

“Feast days” are two times a month that can increase calories by about 400.

Every day includes an 8:16 fast. However, the program states that you can do that as often as you like. There are also 24-hour fasts that occur around once per month. There are no fasts.

Everything seems very well controlled. This program is not intuitive to me. It’s laid out in exact numbers which I prefer. Faster Way followers I spoke with said it was intuitive but that you have to first ‘nail’ the numbers and macros.

I did hear her tell me that her coach encouraged her to not focus on scale wins and to be more focused on mental attitude and mental state. That’s a good thing.


The claims :

I could go on and on about all the claims made about this diet. But I’m going try to keep it to her best.

FWTFL cites a number of mouse studies to bolster its claims, particularly regarding intermittent fasting. Tress stated that ‘Fasting affects your hypothalamus which then causes fat loss benefits’. However, she did not explain how it all worked and cited a mouse study as proof. What?

FWTFL claims intermittent fasting can cause weight loss, even if calories are not restricted. Then again, FWTFL cites a mouse research to support the claim. Squeak! Squeak!

Intermittent fasting is known to cause a caloric shortage. This is why intermittent fasting works well for weight loss. You won’t lose weight if you fast and then binge a lot.

FWTFL asserts that intermittent fasting can increase our life expectancy, and then cites a rat experiment to support that claim. This is because there are no human studies that support this commonly-made claim. It is unacceptable for people to make claims that are factual, even though they aren’t.

Tress is correct in some aspects of the diet. Insulin levels are lower when you fast intermittently. Although it does appear to reduce inflammation, we aren’t sure if that is due to the fasting or weight loss. Intermittent fasting may also preserve muscle mass and cause weight loss.

She is against cutting calories too low and against eliminating carbs entirely. She clearly talks about the dangers of under- and overeating and encourages whole food eating. It was a great thing that she addressed this.

What about the Faster Way To Fat Loss?

FWTFL recommends a diet that is essentially low-carb and whole food. However, some of its recommendations can be a bit flimsy.

It first vilifies dairy and gluten.

The FASTer Way focuses on clean eating. We try to reduce inflammation and avoid foods like gluten and dairy. During the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program I advise clients to eat mostly gluten free because gluten products can be genetically modified. This can often lead to stomach discomfort, pains, breakouts and inflammation.

It’s okay, but GMOs have never been shown to have any adverse effects on humans. They are telling people this because they don’t have any evidence. This claim is based on absolutely no evidence.

There is some talk about milk:

Let’s be clear: cow’s milk can only be used for baby cows.

The reason cows milk their young is the same as humans. A cow’s milk contains all the nutrients that a calf needs. Human mothers also have perfect nutrition for their child. Humans have different nutritional requirements than calves. The exact amount of milk a cow produces is different from that of a human.

Um, that’s why we don’t give our babies cow’s milk.

FWTFL then continues to spew out absurd fear-mongering information, including how milk is high in hormones and antibiotics to how it causes osteoporosis, hip fractures, and other such ridiculous facts.

This is all nonsense, but it is common rhetoric among anti-dairy advocates.

There is no reason to eliminate dairy from your diet. Faster Way to Fat Loss supporters may include gluten and dairy in their programs, but they must stop fearmongering.

A Faster Way to Flushe Toxins

The Faster Way to Fat Loss book contains a few pages dedicated to adrenal fatigue. It is not a real condition. Anyone who believes it is doesn’t know science.

The program lists the symptoms of adrenal fatigue and suggests that you seek out a functional medicine or naturopathic physician if you suspect you may have it. Because actual doctors are aware that adrenal fatigue is BS, I am certain.

The FASTer Method methodology includes a 24-hour fast to allow your body to have complete digestion rest. The body can focus on other vital bodily processes such as cellular repair and digestion when it isn’t focusing on the digestive process, delivery/storing nutrients or burning them for fuel.

This is complete nonsense. For cellular repair, your body doesn’t require rest. That’s insane.

“(Fasting is) natural detoxing. Fasting is a natural detox process. It’s crucial to drink lots of water. It allows the body to continue to flush out any toxins it has acquired through water, food, and pollution. 

Nope. No, we aren’t toilets. There is no need to flush toxins.

“Don’t drink diet! Artificial sweeteners (even wine) are telling your body to stop burning fat.


The crowning jewel of Faster Way to Fat Loss is?

They encourage pregnant and postpartum/breastfeeding women to follow the program. FWTFL strongly recommends that breastfeeding mothers eat a gluten- and dairy-free diet throughout the process. The program also discusses how they can maintain their milk supply, in case they are concerned about eating too soon after giving birth.

Excuse me?

It’s impossible for me to do it.

I have two children myself, and have counselled hundreds of women postpartum.

While milk supply is important, it’s not all about that. It’s about being kind and gentle to your body, not forcing it to lose the extra weight that you have gained over the past 10 months. You should spend your time with your baby, not trying to fit into your pants 5 weeks after giving birth. It’s about normalizing postpartum body and not teaching women to shrink ASAP.

FWTFL also offers this gem: Teenagers can safely take part in the program with a parent and doctor approval. 

OMFG. My soul may have just burst a bit.

My 13-year-old daughter would not be allowed to eat this junk food if I was dead.

Okay, I’m done.

How can I lose weight faster?

Yes, they are. But not because these diets are magic weight-loss formulas. Because you will eat fewer calories than before, you’ll lose weight. It’s likely that you are eating differently too, especially if your diet included a lot of processed food. It’s not science; it’s common sense.

The Faster Way to Fat Loss works due to the fact that it reduces calories moderately and improves diet quality…and because there are THREE EFFING DIETS at once! WHAT THE HELL !

Listen, if I felt the need for oppression with three concurrent diets and all the tracking and counting, then I would question whether these goals were achievable and worth the effort and cost benefits.

Some people enjoy the rigor of it. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Listen. Faster Way To Fat Loss may be right for you if you are obsessed with losing weight and counting every calorie. However, I warn you to be aware of the potential impact this program can have on your relationship to food.

Drilling down to numbers can cause you to lose touch with your inner cues. It can also lead to extreme restraint. People at high risk for disordered eating may find counting, especially so much, triggering. Even if you ignore Tress’s pseudoscientific claims about science, Tress can still be very off-base.

It might be difficult for laypeople to recognize this.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this program because of its intense AF. It is likely not sustainable for most people over the long-term.

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