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Halloween Cleaning

Halloween is one of the most exciting nights of the year. However, like all fun things, it can also be messy. These are top Halloween house cleaning in Auckland tips, regardless of whether you have leftover trick-or-treating kids or want to clean up after a party.

Halloween Cleaning Tip #1 – How to Get Rid of Rotting Pumpkins

Your pumpkins that have been on your porch for more than a week are likely to get very disgusting. You can either throw them out or put them in your composter.

You can use toothpaste to clean any mouldy residue left by the pumpkins on your porch or stool. Use toothpaste to rub the stain. Then, wash the cloth with warm water and soap.

Tip #2 for Halloween Cleaning: Clean Up After a Halloween Party

Halloween parties can be messy. You will likely need to clean up if you serve food or beverages. There may be spillages and stains. Check for stains after you have cleaned up all the trash.

A mixture of water, alcohol, dish detergent and water can be used to remove the stains from costume makeup. Blot the stain with a clean cloth and avoid rubbing.

Trick #3 for Halloween Cleaning: How to Remove Chocolate Stains

Your carpet, upholstery and clothing were sprayed with candy by your little monsters? It doesn’t have be scary to clean up after your children.

To remove chocolate stains:

  • Use a sponge to apply the clothing stain remover. Use a fabric stain remover. Let the stain soak in an oxygen-based bleach solution at least six hours for stubborn stains.
  • Apply a mixture of water, dish washing liquid and a washcloth to carpet and upholstery. You can soak the stain in water for a few moments if you are using carpet. For upholstery, clean from the outside in.

Halloween Cleaning Tip #4 – What to do if you get TP’ed?

Although it is fun to get TP’ed, it can also be very painful to clean up. It is best to clean it up before it rains. It can most easily be removed by hand. However, if the tree is high, you will need to do some extra work.

To help you lower it, you can use a rake. Don’t pull too hard. You will need a ladder if you break it. To clear it up, you can also use a leaf blower.

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