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How to Get Rid of the Carpet’s Enemies?

Carpets can give your home a fresh look. If not taken care of, carpets can collect dust and make your home unhealthy. The common enemies of carpets and how to prevent them from becoming too much are not well-known. Here’s a list of common carpet enemies.


Most of us have never thought of shoes as an enemy to the carpet. Think about the shoes you wear to walk on your carpet. They can carry dirt and bacteria. It’s no wonder that your carpet looks unhealthy and dirty. You can prevent carpet damage by removing footwear, especially from outside.

It is important to have indoor footwear only. You can also add welcome mats to high-traffic areas to keep dirt from getting onto the carpet.


A spill is the most common enemy of carpets. You may not be capable of removing it completely. The key is to make sure you clean up spillages as soon as possible. You should use a stain-fighting agent. Some stains are very difficult to remove, such as lipstick, wine, shoe polish, and coffee.

It is important to immediately clean up the spillage and do a thorough clean. It is a good idea to hire a professional cleaner if the stain is difficult to clean up.


Pets can bring joy and comfort to your home, but they should not be considered carpet friends. Pets’ paws can carry dust and other biologic contaminants into your home. Even pets that are clean and well-maintained can have traces of urine, dead skins and faces. It is important to vacuum regularly and set ground rules in order to keep your carpet clean.

These common enemies must be properly cleaned and treated. A carpet cleaning in Auckland should be done once a year. These three common carpet enemies can often lead to repeated incidents in the same spot until they are properly eradicated. It requires more than a basic cleaning and treatment. If a pet stain, spillage, or footmark is not treated promptly, it can penetrate deeper into your carpets.

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